As well as having a passion for creating visual stuff, I also love writing so over the years of MPZ I have written quite a lot, both on the site and in other places. This page collects together my ramblings in a single convenient place, because I'm nice like that.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION (2005-7)- A Depository of facts that may not be 100% True. Or 1%. It's pretty much a palace of lies.

 MPZ's BIT ON THE SIDE (2005-2009)- My first attempt at writing a blog. Contains ramblings on movies, games, animation and other geeky nonsense

 I put Down My Pen: a tribute to Satoshi Kon
  I wrote an article oin tribute to the late great Japanese Animator Satoshi Kon for website Anime UK News:

Reviews. I Used to write for now defunct website UK anime, which sadly is no longer online. As of 2010 I write for the British based website Anime UK News. I review Japanese animation (anime) and occasionally comics (manga)  My published reviews to date:
Ah My Goddess Series 2 #1 ;  
Astroboy [2009]
Ah My Godess series 2# 2
Mahoromatic Series 2 volume 2
Mahoromatic series 2 volume 3
Rin:: daughters Of Mnemosyne  
Blade Of the Immortal #1