monkeys go to the movies 

Everybody loves a trip to the movies, but we here at Monkey Pirate Zombie reckon that most of them could be improved by adding more monkeys. So thats what we did: we took some of the greatest (and not-so-greatest) flicks from the history of Cinema and rendered them in glorious MONKEYSCOPE. We hope you enjoy the finished result. Click images for bigger version. Selected Movie Monkeys can be downloaded as wallpapers or purchased on Monkeytastic merchandise.  

Part-time professor monkeyWhy So Simian?Iron MOnkey
Monkey McFlyDouble-0-Monkeymonkey magic

Jason MonkeyNightmare Monkeymassacerin' monkey

Monkey Of SteelOok SkywalkerHasta La vista Monkey

snik!friendly neighbourhood spidermonkeyyarr!


copyright Chris Perkins 2009

No reproduction without permission.