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Monday, 25 January 2010

Lovebytes: the complete saga (sort of)

Lovebytes is now available on Youtube in HD. When I came up with the idea originally it was called (pronounced you-date in case you were wondering). The plan was always to release the episodes separately and then combine them into a longer animation. Now six episodes and a name change later it's done. It was made complicated by the fact that I switched to doing animations in HD part way through, so the earlier episodes had to be tinkered with. The finished project only contains four of the episodes- I decided that the episodes featuring Lord Squiffington and Dotty were the weaker two so I thought it worked better without them. They can still be viewed here on the site.

So, that's it for Lovebytes. There may always be a second 'series' if this one proves popular (and I come up with enough ideas) and the characters may be back in other forms. But for now at least it's finished. You can check it out

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lovebytes episode 6!

Here it is the first new animation of the year, of the decade even! It was meant to be done before Christmas but stuff got in the way. This follows directly on from the last episode in that it reuses a character from the Big brother animation but with a new take on the character. The character was initially played by my lovely friend but long story short I had to recast- and was able to take the character in a new direction. It now features a fantastic performance by a brilliant actress named Annabelle Bay.

Warning: Contains adult humour

You can watch it here. (Flash version) OR watch it/download it here as the podcast.

EDITED 23.1.10

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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Operation Christmas Phase 3

It's still Christmas- the big day itself may have gone but it still Tis the season until after New Year's Day...Basically this is me apologising for not bringing to you earlier. I've been busy, what with yuletide and everything. But I got some time to spare so I've made a quickie animation that sees the return of a friend of the site, the fabulous Mr BD Bear. It's more an animated Christmas/ New Years Card than anything, (if you've seen BD's first appearance you'll know what to expect)

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Monday, 28 September 2009

I am the reanimator!

I have an ongoing project to take the older stuff (animation and other things) and bring them up to date with HD animation and any other improvements that are needed. It's not my priority but it's something I'm working on between other projects. Following on from the remake of Leprocop, the next trailer in the series Pacman Begins was the next one to get the treatment.

So click here to watch it on HD in youtube, or watch the flash version here, or finally you can find the podcast/ mp4 version here.

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Latest Animation is go!

The latest animation is a short music promo for the musician known as MusicisdeaD. It takes it's inspiration from comic books and I'm pretty pleased with it overall. You can check it out in one of three exciting ways

Watch in in HD on youtube (recommended if you've got a nice fast connection) or watch the flash version here. Or click here to download it in mp4 format or subscribe to the podcast. If you already are subscribed you should find it will download automatically.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


A new animation is imminent. All being well, should be done in the next week or so. I'll see you then (if not before)

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Monday, 31 August 2009

Fancy a Quickie?

Jusssssst squeezing in by the end of the month by the skins of my teeth, here's a new Quickie animation (one knocked up in hours so don't expect too much in other words). It's short, simple and in poor taste (you have been warned) so check out our new friend BD Bear....

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lovebytes Episode 5: the Chuckinator

Our new animation is here! The fifth (and possibly final) installment in the Lovebytes series, this features a new interpretation of the character of The Chuckinator as seen in the Big Brother animation. Watch it here or click here to get the podcast version. If you already subscribed to the podcast it should download automatically next time you log in to itunes/your podcatcher software of choice.

More animations

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The State Of Things.

Just checking in to let you know where 'things' are 'at'. Well I've got numerous things in the works, and one animation is so close you can taste it. And it tastes of chicken. Mmmmmmm. So that should be hitting within days. After that I will be doing on another musical promo, plus several other things that I don't feel ready to reveal yet... but watch this space. Plus plenty of the usual nonsense will be coming your way too.

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Defiant one:Full unuct version

Today I am finally able to bring you the Proving Ground video I made, The Defiant One in it's original uncut form. The version already released is a slightly altered version to conform to the standards of Youtube and itunes. So this full uncut version is only available on this very site! WARNING: contains animated naughtyness and nuddyness and not suitable for younger viewers or the easily offended. With that out of the way CLICK to see it (if you dare).

Bonus: I will send the full HD version of this to the first 5 people (over 18's only) who email me and ask me nicely.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Defiant One

In collaboration with Proving Ground, I am finally able to bring you the finished article of the animation i've been working on for some time now The Defiant One. It's a music video- the first full length one I've produced, and it's the first for Proving Ground as well. The second single from Proving Ground's Album Through the Red Door, this video is a dark and violent look at a war between angels and demons, and the effects of betrayal. It's avaialble in lovely shiny HD on Youtube, or you can watch it in it's original flash form here on this very site. Finally, it is avaialble to download as a podcast episode. However you prefer to watch it, make sure you check it out!

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Five Frickin' Years: MPZ goes HD

Monkey Pirate Zombie is officially Five Frickin' years old as of tomorrow (28th of April), which means expect all sorts of celebratory shenanigans over the coming days, weeks of months (we're five for a whole year after all). To kick off I have an announcement : that I will now be producing animations in HD. So I hatched a plan to transfer lots of my old toons into the new spanky format. Until I discovered that the HD-ness shows up the creakyness of some of the old material. So i decided I had to basically do it all again.

Which brings us to the shiny new version of my personal favourite animation from the site's history: Leprocop. It has been pretty much remade from the ground up (although the awesome voice acting remains) and is about 90% new, and very shiny looking. It's also a sneaky peak at where I'm looking at going with my trailer spoofs in future. You can check it out in HD on YouTube. (Make sure you click the HD tab to watch it in best quality)
This may be just the first of my old toons to get shinied up so watch this space.
(You can see the flash version here)

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Through The Red Door

I can finally reveal what I've been working on now. A little while ago, Paulo (you may know him as The Protector, the very talented composer of the MPZ theme among others) asked me to make a video to promote the release of his upcoming third album with his band Proving Ground. In typically overambitious fashion I set to work on a zombie epic. Eventually I had to scale back my ambitions slightly but I'm pleased with the result. It's my first action animation, and is quite different in style to anything else I've done to date, so I'd be interested to hear if you'd like to see more in the same vein. A word of warning- it contains violence against zombies.

Click here to watch the high quality Flash version (recommended) or you can see it on Youtube here (less high quality). Proving Ground's new album is due this spring, and the first single is being released on 13th of March, so if you like the music you can buy it soon! Visit their site here

This is also available as the latest podcast.

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Friday, 30 January 2009

MPZTV 22:Go grey

The podcast has been updated. For detail see the below post. Click to view, download or subscribe in the usual manner. Or here to view or download previous episodes Catch you on the flipside!

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Thursday, 29 January 2009 episode 4

The latest animation is here- the latest episode of It features a character you may have seen before- Dotty, albeit with a new look and a new voice (that is digitally altered to make it less hard on the ol' pipes). The podcast version will be along soon too. Click

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Chin Up Chucks

The Last Monday in January (which would be today) is statistically know as The Most Depressing Day Of the Year (don't ask me how- ask SCIENCE) which is why it's known as Blue Monday. So I made a very quick rough and ready animation featuring someone who wants to cheer you up.

By the way, this isn't the animation I began last week, but a wee bonus- so there's still more animated goodness in the works already. Hurrah for me! I rock!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Present 2!

The second part of the Christmas animation double bill is here, following on from yesterday. Without further ado....... Happy Bunny returns for a (probably) one-off for his very own Christmas special. Click here to check it out. It is also available as a Podcast.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New year, and thanks for all your support throughout 2008. This might well be the final post of the year as I enjoy the season, but I'll see you in 2009, if not before!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

NEW: pickles the clown

A First here at Monkey Pirate Zombie Towers today- as we present the first MPZ musical toon. It's short and there's not much to it, but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

It's online here and available to download as the latest Podcast episode. You can also see the Flash original here, but I recommend the podcast version as for reasons I can't even begin to understand the sound goes out of sync when I upload it- although it may just be my machine. Anyway- off you go to meet Pickles!

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

New toon: episode III

The latest animation is here for you to check it out. And as revealed by the title, it's the latest installment of, the dating video series. You can watch the new episode right here.

This animation has also been released as part of the podcast, check it out and/or subscribe here or download it directly from here. This episode also marks the return of being compatible with your ipod, as I've been able to work out how to make ipod compatible video without compromising the video quality. Everybody wins!

Older animations can be found here

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