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About the site

Monkey Pirate Zombie was established in the Year Of The Monkey (2004) as a place to share my animations, artwork and stuff with the world. Since then it has grown to include games, a blog and a successful podcast.  The site's biggest moment was being asked to make an animation to feature on Channel 4's 'Big Brother's Little Brother' in 2007.

About the  author

Chris Perkins is a cartoonist and Animator from the South East of England. He lives in a House. He can control time and kill a man with a single glance. Chris Perkins likes to talk about himself in the third person. It makes him feel like a BIG MAN.

Hire me

If you'd like to hire me to create animation or artwork for your   business,  website or for personal reasons then you can email me here. I will produce work for charity free of charge (as long as it's for a cause I agree with!!)


Our Ads are handled by Project Wonderful. You bid on the spaces by clicking on them and the highest bid gets the space. If there is no current bid (or the current bid is zero) you can take advantage of free advertising for a limited period) Otherwise bids can be as low as 1 cent a day see here. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What's all this then?

This is Monkey Pirate Zombie, a website full of animations, cartoons games and other stuff. Please take off your shoes.

What's with that name?

Monkeys, pirates and zombies are three of the greatest things known to mankind. They're also very popular on the interweb, which is quite important when choosing a name for your site, you see.

I can't get the animations to work!

That's not actually a question but no matter. Make sure you have the latest versions of Flash and your browser. Once they are installed, reload the page. MPZ is designed to work best in Firefox, google Chrome or Internet Explorer but should work in most browsers. I can't guarantee full compatibility with other Internet devices such as phones,  games consoles or set-top boxes. If you are unable to use Flash, the podcast features the animations in mp4 format, which will run on even more devices such as compatible ipods.

How often do you update?

I try to put up something new at least once a week, but this isn't my full time job and sometimes life gets in the way. To make sure you stay in the loop, subscribe to the RSS feed, and the podcast!

Can I use artwork from the site on my site?

Please contact me before doing so. It probably won't be a problem, but check with me before hand. Any work used should be credited to  and saved on your own webspace.

Can I hire you to produce artwork/ animations for my business/ website/etc. ?

If you are interested in using my services then please Email me.