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Stuff and Nonsense Gallery

Here you can see my designs that I have produced for friends and family over the past few years (Iíve been doing them for a lot longer but frankly a lot of the things that predate this lot are so bad itís embarrassing). Click the pictures for BIGGIFICATION




Christmas cards 2003 the Ďsingeí series-

I canít quite remember whether this came out of my monkey obsession or in fact whether it actually caused it, but either way, this is an important stage in the evolution of what would become MPZ. Iím also not sure why monkeys and the French language go well together but they just do. It tickled me anyway, and a few others too, hopefully.


†††††††††† ††††††††††††††



Christmas Cards 2005

2005ís collection featured some characters familiar to fans of Monkey Pirate Zombie. ďL.A. Ninja SantaĒ is something of a private joke so youíre unlikely to understand it, sorry. Just enjoy itís off-the-wall-ness.



Christmas Cards 2006

2006ís collection featured a whole bunch of penguins. The first two are completed designs, the second shows the full cast of penguins who featured in personalised cards for my friends and family.




Dotty, our resident psychoOAPis kitted out in full Kill Bill/ Bruce Lee style in this picture I did for a one off T-shirt for Monkey Pirate Zombieís self proclaimed Biggest Fan (She knows who she is x x x)



What could be better than a monkey? A Kung-Fu Monkey you say? Well here he is, in this design done for a Thoroughly Marvellous Fellowís Birthday.



Dapper Monkey is here, in this Thank you card I made



OedoPuss loves his mummy. Random picture for B3ta.com

More random artwork, my first freehand drawing with my graphics tablet. Inspired the later Dotty Kill Bill pic.


A cartoon for a birthday


A card celebrating the wedding of Monkey Pirate Zombieís Biggest Fan to A Thoroughly Marvellous Fellow.


A card to commemorate MPZBF and ATMF moving into their New home


A card to celebrate Monkey Pirate Zombieís Biggest Fanís New job


Monkeys Love Dressing Up, as shown in this here gallery[updated September 07]

This was done to celebrate the birth of my lovely niece Zoe Ellen!


These were done as part of a now aborted comic project




A festive themed cartoon from 2007

A random cartoon inspired by an old BBC Wildlife On One documentary, about guess what?


A most random cartoon


A cartoon for a birthday for MPZBF again










THIS was a special animation made for Mopizoís Biggest Fanís birthday, and was the intro to a specially made DVD. (See, itís good to be my friend!) It might interest you though, even if you arenít her because it does feature Dotty in a Kill Bill homage. And a brief cameo from another Mopizo star.