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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

State of Play at E3 part TWO: Sony but so far

Sony really surprised everyone (note: sarcasm mode engaged) with the announcement that PlayStation 3 is to get a Wiimote like motion controller. Unlike Microsoft's Natal however it doesn't seem to have anything to distinguish it from it's competitors- at least nothing that's been unveiled yet. Maybe Sony is keeping that under it's hat for now. However it really can't help but seem like a very 'me too' addition and seemed to be tacked on to their conference as a bit of an afterthought. Sony's big hardware announcement was the remodelled third generation PSP (PSP Go!), a very badly kept secret (it leaked days before E3) that drops the UMD drive and really doesn't seem to make me any more keen to get one to be honest. It's the lack of decent games that's the PSP's big problem not the design of the machine itself.

Speaking of games the PSP is getting a new Metal Gear game plus a portable Gran Turismo that may go someway to improving the handheld's library, but the PS3 has a couple of exclusives worth mentioning too. I loved Uncharted: Drake's fortune and find it to be one of the best PS3 games I've played, so it's good to hear that Uncharted 2 was shown off at E3, even though it was already announced. Completely new however is the interesting sounding (if unimaginatively monikored) Agent made by the bods behind GTAIV- Rockstar North. It's someway off but promises to give you a chance to be a super secret agent in a 70's setting. Could be ace.

Next time: Nintendo!

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