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Thursday, June 04, 2009

State of Play at E3 part three: It's-a-him

So the final part of my E3 2009 round-up brings me to the conference of my game's company of choice, Nintendo. Last year's confrerence was a PR disaster for the big N as many of the company's 'core' fanbase felt left out in favour of the "expanded audience". Which was a bit of a cock-up as they are the only people who actually will be watching the E3 coverage. But fair play to Ninty they admitted their mistake and apologised. This year was a different story.

It might have not seemed so when they unveiled the 'vitality sensor' and Wii Fit Plus, but some major core games were shown too. Firstly Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced. It looks simply fantastic, and is the first time a 3d Mario Game has recieved a sequel on a single system and will add Mario's beloved dino pal Yoshi to the mix. Frankly as SMG is my favourite game there needn't have been any other news. They could've just showed the trailer for Galaxy 2 and left the stage and I would've been happy. But No! They just kept on giving. Metroid Other M is a continuation of the classic Metriod series that returns it's to it's roots and away from first person shooters such as Metroid Prime. It's being made by Team Ninja the acclaimed developers of the Dead Or Alive and Ninja gaiden series. A new Wii Zelda was announced behind closed doors too- no footage was available but it's hoping to be released next year but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed.

But wait... another game featuring Mario was unveiled. And unlike SMG2 this one will be released in 2009. It's not a sports game or spin-off but a real true proper Mario Game. Not a 3d one but a true original old school 2d platformer only with shiny modern graphics to go with the classic gameplay. With up to 4 players at once. For an old school Nintendo fan like me who mourns the demise of the 2d platformer this is like a dream come true. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the game I've been waiting for...and it's coming out this Christmas!

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