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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Will I watch Watchmen?

I'm so conflicted about the upcoming release of Watchmen. A lot of movie fans online are reacting like it's the second coming (the first presumably being The Dark Knight) but I'm not so sure. I wasn't eagerly anticipating it as I had never read the graphic novel and I hate the previous films of the Director Zak Snyder (300 and the Dawn Of The Dead remake). I've now read the comic, and it is indeed very good and if you watch the trailer having read the book it's undoubtedly very impressive. However I'm a long way from convinced that Snyder can direct a film with such an intricate plot and so much dialogue. Not only that but if the action is too 300-style with over use of slow-mo and other annoying techniques, then I will be annoyed. Some early word has suggested it's actually too faithful to the book.

Then again that trailer does look deeply cool. So, Mr Snyder I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. Whether I can bring myself to risk seeing it at the cinema remains to be seen.



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