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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hulu phooey

Online TV is really taking off, so traditional broadcasters have to adapt or face being left behind. Now it finally seems most broadcasters are getting on board. I'd heard a lot of mention of the site Hulu, but didn't know anything about it, so decided to finally see for myself this week. And? There's a real wealth of the latest TV out there, available free and legally at the click of a mouse. And I can't see any of it. You see, Hulu is not available to visitors outside the U.S. Which is a bummer. Still, it's swings and roundabouts- only those of us in the UK have access to the BBC's awesome iplayer which has the advantage over most of it's rivals in that it allows you to download it's programmes as well as stream them online. With a bit of luck though Hulu (or an equivilent service) will be available in my part of the world before too long.

[...and no, I'm not going to link to Hulu! Not til they get their finger out and make it available internationally. So there!]