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Friday, August 29, 2008

anime central RIP

Last year I was please to see the UK get it's first dedicated anime channel, Anime Central. It wasn't run in the ideal way (six shows running a new episode each night, repeated 3 times from 9pm) and it was easy to lose track if you missed an episode, but the thought of having a source of free anime I might never have seen otherwise was an enticing one. They showed some awesome shows too- though the best of the lineup were Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, two series i already own on DVD. However some months ago it became clear the channel was dying a slow and protracted death. New shows failed to appear, and the channel simply repeated Bebop and GITS on loop (apparently the only shows they still have the licence to) every frickin' night for months on end, until this week AC was finally replaced by 'True Entertainment' a channel that mixes music chart shows, horrible sounding 'true story' TV movies and (naturally) yet more repeats of those esme two anime shows. So what killed AC? Mainly it was probably down to a lack of viewers, which is understandable as how many people could've still been watching the same two shows loop seemingly into infinity? Some blame must lie with Anime fans though who bitch about there being no anime on UK TV but then didn't watch it when it was available- either because it showed dubbed or because they already downloaded it (illegally) months or even years ago. Ah, well it was good while it lasted, for a few months anyhow....


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something's different....

Yes the blog is looking subtly different today. This is not a new look but an in between stage. As I reported on the main site recently I am fiddling around doing some redesigning that will end up with a whole new look, for the whole site. By the way the blog will get a whole facelift so the way it's looking today is no indicator of how it will look when the new MPZ launches!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spooks club 7

Spooks is one of the most exciting British TV shows or recent years. Last year's series of the spy drama was one of the year's highlights. So when the BBC announced a gritty hardedged spin-off Rouge Spooks was being developed for digital channel BBC3, my interest was piqued. Somewhere along the line they had a rethink, retitled it Spooks: Code 9, which is the form it finally hit screens in last week. The advert had me worried- it looked like it had been retooled to fit BBC3's 'yoof' demographic into a kind of 'Spooks meet Hollyoaks'. I decided to reserve judgment til I saw the finished result but now I have. How did it turn out? My God, it's horrible. Basically they've used a near future setting to give an excuse for why all the agent in MI5 are now all seeming under the age of 30 ( most of the previous agents were killed in a terrorist attack), which I suppose is a fairly interesting idea. However the show's a mess- the performances are universally awful (hollyoaks level in fact) the script's embarrassing. The attempts to make it young fresh and hip are painful. Thankfully there's only six episodes in the run, so hopefully we can just pretend it never happened, for everybody's sake.

For the sake of our international readers-who may not know what Hollyoaks is- just take comfort in the fact you're better off that way. Seriously, just trust me.