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Friday, February 22, 2008

If you're even slightly interested in Japanese animation, or indeed cult cinema in general, chances are you have seen the classic 1988 movie Akira. The interweb is abuzz once again, as for about the third time plans are afoot to make a live-action Hollywood adaptation. This time however the plans are to turn the somewhat epic multiple-volume comic series that spawned the movie into two movies, one of which may hit screens as early as next year. Although in theory this sounds better than previous adaptations (one of which was to be helmed by Stephen Norrington, director of two of the worst films of all time Blade, and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen) but it's still a bad idea. I've always been sceptical about attempts to bring this film to live action- the action will be moved from Neo Tokyo to 'New Manhattan', and rumours suggest Leonardo DiCaprio may play the lead Kaneda (note to casting directors: he's waaay too old to be playing a teenager). It's too early to get too worried though.As I said before, this is at least the third attempt to bring this adaptation to the big screen, so who's to say that this time will be any more successful? This is one of those projects which seems to be permanently stuck in development hell. Fingers crossed that it remains there.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

This week, some 7 million viewers tuned into the Life on Mars follow up , Ashes to Ashes, and quite likely over the next week, thousands more will tune in via the BBC iPlayer. But in case you missed it, is it worth a watch? Can it ever live up to it's ace predecessor? Well... yes and possibly respectively. Although there's perhaps unavoidably a slightly forced feel to the concept itself- sending a female detective back to the 80's, rather than a male one to the 70's- it's a price worth paying to see the return of the iconic character Gene Hunt. Whatever the more snotty critics may say, I recommend it heartily! You're nicked, you slaaaaaaags!!

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