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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Animation fans should check out the trailer for Beowulf- it looks like it's going to be worth seeing. I became intrigued by the idea when I discovered that Robert Zemeckis was producing this as his third CG motion-capture effort in a row- following the saccharine Polar Express and the utterly ace Monster House. I was certainly interested to see them tackle a more dramatic, serious story. Then I found out my favourite author the god-like Neil Gaiman was writing the script.. and my anticipation glands went into overdrive. And the trailer gives plenty of other reasons to check it out- the excellent Brit actor Ray Winston gets a rare leading role, and there's even a flash of cgi booby in the international trailer- you sure don't get that from Pixar! In all seriousness, it's great to see someone using animation to tell a more grown-up story as we in the west are almost completely lacking in quality animation for adults (outside of the usual comedies). There's so much more potential in animation than merely fart jokes and swearing (although those things are great, obviously). Anyway take a look-see at the trailer here.

P.S.- if you need another reason to watch it- it has a dragon in it. Has to be good right? (Lets just ignore Eragon, Dungeons and Dragons, Reign of Fire and the other countless bad movies with dragons in... )

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Monday, August 20, 2007

I've just got hold of Daz3d, a completely free 3d graphics programme. It's dead exciting. Don't worry Monkey Pirate Zombie isn't going into 3d rendered animations that take 4 years to make, but if I produce any artwork that looks half way OK, then I'll be sure to post it on the site!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

It may have finished a while back, but ace retro-pyscho-cop-show Life On Mars continues to make the entertainment news. Firstly comes the news that the David E Kelley US remake is storming ahead, but the original stars of the British version have sensibly turned down offers to reprise their roles with American accents. In fact Sam Tyler actor John Simm took the opportunity to criticise the trend for American remakes. It is particularly redundant remaking show that were already in English to begin with. Still, if it makes it past the pilot it will be interesting to see what it turns out like. Back on this side of the pond, the follow up series has begun shooting (which surprised me, as I considered it merely a rumour until a couple of weeks ago). Ashes to Ashes will feature a female cop this time sent from the present back to the 1980's but will feature many of the characters from the original including the now legendary Gene Hunt. I have no idea how it'll turn out but I'm hopeful and anyway it stars Keeley Hawes from Spooks who is gorgeous, which is always a plus!

(By the way if you have no idea what I'm talking about you should buy the series 1 boxset right away. You'll thank me for it)

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh I don't know, you wait your whole life for a dedicated anime (Japanese animation) channel to hit the UK and then two come along at once... well sorta. The UK's version of The Anime Network (which shows in a 2 hour block on sundays on channel 195) is going 7 days a week but is still going to be a two hour block rather than a proper channel, but the UK is also getting a full blown anime channel called Anime Central that will broadcast from 9pm to 6 am 7 days a week. And both are happening within two days of each other. Mental! Brilliant, but mental. This will be a chance for me to sample loads of new anime without having to spend a fortune of DVDs. Hurrah! Fear not UK viewers, for I will at some time in the future fill you in in which shows you need to be watching. Of course I know what'll happen now- having had no anime on TV for years I'm now probably going to have incidents where two great shows are on at the same damn time! Maybe it's time I got Sky Plus..

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Friday, August 10, 2007

And so, for me at least summer blockbuster season is over for another year. There's no other big flicks that need to be seen on a big screen as far as I can see in the immediate future. The Bourne franchise bores me, so no Ultimatum for me, and much as the Rush Hour movies may be a guilty pleasure for me, I can't imagine I won't be able to wait until the 3rd one shows up on DVD. And how did this years efforts shape up. Firstly I have to confess I actually managed to miss out on Pirates 3, and I've already made clear my feeling on Spidey (and I'm sticking by it!). Which leads me to my main point.. The Simpsons Movie! There was never any doubt really in my mind that it would deliver, but that didn't stop it being a joy behind. If you've held out because you don't think you need to see on a big screen, or you're one of those types who insists the Simpsons has lost it's spark, I urge you to go see it. You won't be disappointed, and it's a unique opportunity to see the characters on a big screen, surrounded by people of all ages laughing and enjoying themselves. What with this, Spider-man 3 and Transformers, my DVD shelf is going to need to be reinforced come Christmas time..


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Spare a thought for the poor peeps in charge of promoting Evan Almighty in the UK. As if the tide (more watery puns coming up) of negative publicity about it's colossal budget and tiny box-office gross wasn't bad enough... the damp squib flood-based comedy arrives in a country which is half still under water after record breaking rainfall and flooding. Well good luck there guys, bet it'll go down a storm!

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