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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

According to this here, there's a rumour we are very close to getting official confirmation that a version of Mario Kart is coming to the Wii, and could arrive next year! It was surely only a matter of time, but this is fantastic news. If more concrete information comes through, you can be sure I'll let you know!


Monday, May 28, 2007

It was only this week, that I realised how close I was to the end of Day Six of 24- the last episode goes out on Sky One next week! Considering I won't be able to see the final episode until the following week (due to it clashing with the Anime Network block that starts next Sunday) I am saving up the last episodes to have a double-strength hit of Jack Bauer Goodness (maybe it's triple- it might end with a double bill??). Only then will I deliver my final (spoiler-free) verdict on Series 6, so hold on to your hats (like you care). Got the final two Losts saved up already though- I'll let you know my two cents on that imminently!


Friday, May 25, 2007

At long last the seventh episode of Happy Bunny is now here on the interweb. The reason for the delay? You see this episode features a character based on a real person, and I wanted to make sure the lady in question was the first to see it! This episode features Claire Bear who is inspired
by Mopizo's Biggest Fan as a Big Thank You for all her support( and just for being generally fantastic -if you're reading this, it's all true! x x x). It's also a Big Thanks to all Happy Bunny's fans, (this originally being his 2nd birthday special) that sees the poor bugger get a little bit or luck at last- and also redresses the balance a little for those of you of the female persuasion!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

With the 3rd film hitting cinemas this very week, I decided time was right to rewatch the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This was the first time I watched it since my initial cinema viewing, nigh upon a year ago- I guess maybe the negative press might have has some effect. But I don't care what anyone says, I really enjoyed it second time round; without the big expectations I just appreciated it for what it was- a big fun popcorn movie made into something more by Johnny Depp's fantastic performance. And it features a genuine monkey pirate zombie! I expect number 3 will be more of the same, but doubtless the critics are already sharpening their knives!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Being a fan of anime (Japanese animation) in the UK involves a lot of looking at the size of the US market jealously. Over the past couple of years one of the biggest sources of this has been that the US fan base is large enough to support two 24-hour anime channels (The Anime Network and now the horribly monikered Funimation Channel). Whereas DVDs and books can be imported, there's no getting round they are out or our reach! This week the news broke that the Anime Network is going to be making it's UK debut as a two-hour branded block showing on Sky Channel 195 on Sundays from the 3rd of June. Luckily for me of the 4 shows making up the initial line-up I've only seen one of them already (Evangelion, a classic of anime that 99% of fans must have seen by now). Unluckily for me it's on at the same time as 24, meaning I'm going to have to shift my 24 viewing to it's repeat showing on Saturdays just as it enters the final few hours. Never mind, musn't grumble!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I just don't get it. Why when something gets popular as is well regarded, why do people have to turn on it and start slagging it off? It happens all the time and we're seeing it again with Spider-Man 3 which is being slated in some quarters. And why? Largely the comic book fans (who have been largely pleased with the franchise thus far) are whingeing because some things are changed from the comic books. To them I say get over it, movies are different from comics and have different requirements to make things work. Don't forget there's a lot of people who never read the comics (myself included) for who the movies are spider-man and the film makers had responsibility to those people as well. Just enjoy the comics as comics, and the movies as movies in their own right. The other criticisms are mainly that they cram too much and that there are lot of plot-holes and unrealistic parts. Personally I think they did a great job to squeeze 3 villains into the film. And as for plot-holes and the like? When you're watching a film about a man who can do whatever a spider can, you're on shaky ground if you start saying things are unrealistic. Well duh. Its' escapism pure and simple. In case you couldn't guess I though the film was awesome. The action is truly phenomenal and the skill with which the Peter Parker sections are handled are what separate it from lesser super-franchises. So don't let what anyone else says put you off. It get the full Mopizo recommendation.( Five Monkeys) And if you disagree, you're entitled to your opinion (even if it's wrong).


Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm back online at last! You never realise how reliant you have become on the magic of broadband until it is cruelly taken away. Or is that just me? This is just a quick post to let you know I'm back, new stuff will come later...