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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry there hasn't been any new animations online this month, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. I've got quite a few projects planned, and some underway. The new look will probably be the biggest thing for the moment. I've decided to wait until the whole things ready rather than put up each bit as it's ready. I really like the way it's looking so far, and hopefully you will too! I won't put even a guess how long it will take, but I've got something to keep you going nearly ready!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time for me to weigh in with my thoughts on this years Oscar nominations, well sort of. Once again I have to say that outside the animated feature category, I've hardly seen any of the flicks that have been nominated. So I can't really comment much. Little Miss Sunshine is the only one I've seen so far (it's a surprise nom in the best picture category) and it's brilliant, but I'd be surprised if it wins. Comedy films don't seem to have much of a chance against drama in awards season. I've actually been comparing the noms to the BAFTA film nominations (The British Academy- the UK's answer to the Oscars) and although it's mostly familiar, there's one or two surprises. It's a staggering achievemnet for Casino Royale to be up for both Best British Film and Best Actor for Daniel Craig- the Bond films may be hugely popular here but it's unheard of that they get this kind of recognition. So Kudos to Mr Craig, and I look forward to seeing the film. The other big surprise was that BAFTA has a animated Feature award- I'm not sure if they've run it before, but I hadn't noticed. It's two thirds the same as the Oscars and Golden Globes (Cars, Happy Feet and Monster House) but Monster House loses out to Aardman's first (and hopefully only) CG effort Flushed Away. I can imagine Pixar getting a clean sweep (already having picked up the Globe) but it remains to be seen. I think it says something about the level of competion in animated films in 2006 (in terms of numbers, if not quality) that so many of them didn't pick up a single nod. Personally I thought Over the Hedge was one of the best of the bunch yet it missed out, wheras in other years the likes of Jimmy Neutron and Shark Tale made it to the shortlist to make up the numbers (allegedly).

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The work on the new design for the site is going well, and I'm very happy with how it's going. It should add much more of an overall consistent look to the whole site too. It will also be flash-based so flash haters better get ready to whinge (I will add an alternative though, so worry not dial-uppers.) So that's why I haven't put in my two cents about the oscars and that yet. I aim to another day though. Incidentally I haven't seen the 24 premiere yet- it's currently stuck on the HDD om my HDD/DVD recorder that has decided not to work today. I'm not fretting too much, it's done it before... but if it has died for good this time, excpect some weeping! But no spoilers please!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The UK premier of 24 series 6 is tomorrow at 9pm on Sky One. On an antcipation level of 1-10 mine is at about 900024. My fellow fans will understand, how nothing quite compares to having Jack back. Apparently it will be running through without any breaks (thank god) and is only a few weeks behind the US broadcast. I've been waiting since the last series finished last july to get the resolution to the cliffhanger, and it's been tough. Not long now though...

Friday, January 19, 2007

If you're into animation, you should really subscribe to the video podcast Channel Frederator. You get a regular dose of various animated shorts from accross the world, and it's all free. I may even get round to submitting something eventually. And there's 65 odd episodes to catch up on! I discovered it today and it's great. Speaking of animation I started working on something new today, so rejoice!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I was pleased that Cars won the first ever Golden Globe award for best animated feature this week (the other nominmations were Happy Feet and Monster House). It's good the see what seems to have become Pixar's most unloved offspring getting some dues. Lots of people claimed it was the end of Pixars unbroken run of classics, but I think the criticsisms were a bit harsh. Contrary to some reports it was far from a flop, even if it didn't surpass the massive box office haul of the studio's last release. OK it might not be up there with The Incredibles, but it's a great family film, and in my opinion better than most of the animated flicks coming out of Hollywood (Chicken Little, I'm talking to you). Hopefully Cars will be up for the prize at the Oscars too. That said of all the animated movies I've seen over the last year, at least a couple of others would be worthy of awards too- such as Over The Hedge and Monster House. I'll refrain from judging those I've yet to see- I can't imagine Barnyard or Open Season will blow my mind, but I am looking forward to Happy Feet and Flushed Away.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is Old News for many of you but the new Transformers trailer is now online. I have a shocking confession- I don't actually remember if I actually watched the cartoon much as a lad, but I had one of the toys. I still regard of the series with a fond sense of nostalgia. But back to the trailer. Have you seen it yet? How does it compare to the cunning teaser? Frankly it looks more than a bit exciting. I know it will probably turn out rubbish, but the trailer suggests that maybe, just maybe it could live up to the hype. It looks like the plot will see Bad Transformers smashing things up, and Good Transformers smashing Bad Transformers. In the face. We don't get to see a whole load of the 'bots themselves, but that's how it should be- the build-up will only add to the 'wow factor' whne we finally see them in action... unless it turns out to be plop.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ok, right, normal service has resumed and the christmas decorations have gone. I feel like a change, so a redesign is a distinct possibility. If I do go ahead, it'll probably be a little while in the making. Keep reading the Blog to find out the latest! But for now it's back to the plain ol' design.