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Monday, October 23, 2006

Last night's double-dose debut of Torchwood lived well up to expectations. If you've ever felt Doctor Who is all well and good, but what it really needs is swearing, violence and saucy bits, then this is the show for you. If you don't like Doctor Who though, it's really not going to be your hot beverage of choice. People may have suggested it's something like a British X-files, but really this is somewhat inaccurate. Despite the alien busting similarity this is made for people who love the more silly and fun atmosphere of Who, mixed with a darker more adult edge. I can imagine it might be in from some criticism, from those who will feel it is being aimed at kids, despite not being suitable. The post-watershed screening (and basically all publicity material) makes it explicitly clear this is aimed at Adults. A good preportion of the revived Doctor Who audience is adults, and this is aimed at them. Anyone who complains should frankly be slapped in the face. To be honest I don't think it will be warping any fragile tiny minds anyway. Terrestial Analouge UK auidiences get to make up their own minds this wednesday, 9pm BBC2

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big news for cult TV fans in the UK (bad news for those who only have terrestial or freeview) is that Sky have poached Lost from channel 4. That means that series 3 will not be on terrestial TV at all. As a satellite owner, it doesn't really effect me- except that I doubt they'll show 24 and Lost at the same time, so I'll have to wait longer- bah!

Also, the trailers for Hot Fuzz have finally hit the 'net. There are two teasers, one I saw before Clerks 2, and a brand new one too. This Link takes you to the trailers on the film's US distributor's site, because I had problems viewing the teasers on Working title's UK site but the UK ones were higher quality, so give 'em both a shot!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just a quick post to say , Episode 6 of Suburban Ninja is well underway and coming along quite well. All being well it's currently possibly as much as half finished. I should have it done before too long. Laters!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am intending finally making an entry for BBC talent this year, which coincidentally needs to be in the format of a short animated sketch- in other words, the exact same kind of thing I was already planning for the podcast. You may not see the results for a while, but I am quite excited about it. Of course if there's anything more likely to make me put off working on something, it's actually having a deadline, so naturally my head is full of things I could be doing next instead. I am therefore making myself promise to start working on it after I have finished SN6. I must learn to stop procrastinating. Maybe sometime next week....

In non-site news, Torchwood is premiering on BBC3 on 22nd (next Sunday) and then repeating on BBC2 on wednesdays. The BBC is hyping this big time, as well they should. I actually saw two double deckers today side by side, both plastered with the Torchwood Ad. I'm looking forward to this, I reckon BBC3 have got quite a coup getting the premier of this (although they might have given it more of a headstart than 3 days before it's terrestial outing). I'm telling you though, it better be good, or I'll cry. Er... I mean say a cuss word like a big man, obviously...

Monday, October 09, 2006

So the New BBC version of Robin Hood then- live up to the hype did it? It was good swashbuckling fun, ; good but not brilliant. There's only been one show so far though, so it could get even better. It's thanks to the huge critical and commercial success of Doctor Who that we're seeing things like this get made in this country again. I know Hood and Who are on the face of it are very different, but the sci-fi hit proved there was an audience out there for escapist drama (in the loosest sense of the word-with actors playing fictional roles as opposed to reality based programs). Speaking of the Doctor, the ads have started for Torchwood, the adult spin-off of the aforementioned show. And it looks very fricking exciting. It showed after RH, and frankly provoked much more jumping up and down with excitement with yours truly than the preceding 45 minutes.... Can't wait!

The First completely new episode of Suburban Ninja in more than a year is finally underway. Optimistic completion time estimate: within the week. Realistic completion time estimate: God knows. So it's up to you whether to hold your breath or not. I wouldn't. It can be dangerous.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mopizo readers I need your help! I need a new TV show to become obsessed by! 24 finished back in July, as did Doctor Who, but it wasn't until Lost series 2 finished on Channel 4 this that I got left with a huge cult-tv shaped hole in my life. I'm looking at least a 5 month wait until one of these shows starts up again here in the UK (barring the Who Christmas special). There's some great comedy on the air at the moment, with the frankly genius Extras (annoyingly already halfway through it's paltry six episodes) and the conistantly ace Scrubs. But there's still room for an exciting, dramatic type of show. I wondered about Prison Break, but aside from shelling out for the boxset (which I'm not going to do on an untested show) I don't have access to it at the mo. I've heard good things about the BBC's new Robin Hood, and there's a good looking new US show called the Unit, starting on Bravo this week. Drop me an email of use the comment function below to tell me what you think! Any shows you think I need in my life?