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Monday, July 31, 2006

OK I've been a bit slack with my blogging, So I've gotta catch up. I haven't ven had time to put in my two-cents (or pence cos I'm English) woth about Superman Returns. Well.. I saw it and it was great. Proper retro wholesome family entertainment that appeals to the kid in us all. I'm not of the geneartion who grew up on the Christopher Reeves Superman flicks, so I didn't go in with the huge expectations some people did. For some people it was a big a part of their childhoods as Star Wars. But the cool thing is those people weren't disappointed either. So clearly it's not just my opinion it was good, but cold hard fact. It's a shame it's got a bit of a bum deal this summer, it's been overshadowed by the collosal success of Pirates 2, and ususally relegated to screen 2. it'll be interesting to see who sells more DVDs come Christmas.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've done a new animation. It's short and cheap and unashamedly in-jokey, made for fans of the original Happy Bunny animation. Meet Mr Bunny's nemesis- Doom the Duck. You can see where this is going already, I'm sure. The more astute of you may have realized that I've used a bit of a music I already used in Lassie goes Bad, but this is not being lazy it is called recycling, don't you know? Anyway, you can't really complain because I kindly made an animation for you despite it currently being hotter than the centre of the sun (it's a scientific fact- proved by science) in the UK right now.

Right, now it only falls for me to recommend to all of you in the UK with satellite or cable to make sure you watch Naruto (Starting at 5pm or 8pm BST on Jetix) cos it's got ninjas in it and it rocks. I'll see you all soon!

EDIT: it appears the SKY guide is filthy lies, and is now on at 8pm. Apologies to anyone who tuned it, they got me too. Bastards!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The 2006 Mercury Music Prize nominations are out. They have a tradition of nominating loads of worthy contenders, then giving it to a really obscure, and probably godawful act. Last year was a prime example- Anthony and the Jonsons ( a fat whiny American Transvestite who really didn't deserve it). This year is however is different. The nominations in full, courtesy of xfm:
  • Arctic Monkeys ‘Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What I'm Not’
  • Thom Yorke ‘The Eraser
  • Muse 'Black Holes And Revelations'
  • Editors 'The Back Room'
  • Guillemots 'Through The Window Pane'
  • Hot Chip 'The Warning'
  • Sway 'This Is My Demo'
  • Richard Hawley 'Coles Corner'
  • Isobelle Campbell & Mark Lanegan 'Ballad Of The Broken Seas'
  • Scritti Politti 'White Bread Black Beer'
  • Lou Rhodes 'Beloved One'
  • Zoe Rahman 'Melting Pot'
Different how? They candividedided into three sections: those I've never heard of (Zoe who?), those I've heard and doparticularlylary rate (So far I really like one Editors track, really unfussed on the others) and the Arctic Monkeys. Contrary to what you might expect based on the simian-connection, I find them to be the most overhyped, overrated act of the last five years (probably on a par with the Streets). The first single was OK I guess, but they've seriously outstayed their welcome as far I'm concerned.

I guess the most deserving would therefore be Muse or Editors, but I'm not major fans of either. It doesn't matter though- no doubt one of the more obscure names will walk away with the prize. I really don't care this year- as long as those Arctic fellas don't get it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

A very quick post to say that firstly I am back (my busy period has come to an end) and secondly a new animation is underway. It's a quickie and it should please the long-time fans!

Monday, July 10, 2006

July is an odd month for me this year in that for the first half I will be ridiculously busy (hence few updates) and then the second half I will most likely be doing absolutely nothing (therefore much updates... maybe). This means I'm unlikely to be doing much work on the website before next week, but I might be able to squeeze in the odd blog-post, like this one.

It would be remiss of me to not say a few words on the second part of the series finale of Doctor Who, which went out on Saturday night here in the UK. Following my excited childlike ranting on part one, you might have gathered I was quite excited. The Cybermen versus Daleks clash seemingly born out of a million playground (or pub) discussions made it a must-see. Having seen the conclusion, what did I think? Well.. it was quite good. Note the 'quite', most uncharacteristically missing the sort of enthusiasm I usually display for the Doc's adventures. It was soldidly entertaining, just not as brilliant as last year's series finale, or indeed other standouts episodes in this current series. But still better than the rise of the Cybermen. It could be just that I was watching it while knackered. Or it could be that Cybermen are just a bit rubbish. They're just humanoid robots with silly voices (that are a bit too similar to the Daleks), and whats' with this "Delete! Delete!" crap? Why do villains need catchphrases these days? It's close to turning into Little Britain! Sorry, rant over, it was as I said entertaining. I'll probably reassess when I watch it again (maybe on a double with part 1)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Good news for UK adult animation films who have Sky TV or Cable. Tonight not only is there a new series of animated 'reality TV' spoof, Drawn Together (Paramount, 10pm) but the hilarious Aqua Teen Hunger Force returns to UK screens tonight at last. Bravo are broadcasting a number of the Cartoon Network USA's 'Adult Swim' block from Midnight tonight. Sadly lacking the US eqivilent's anime content, we still get the original Adult Swim programming- ATHF as well as Robot Chicken, Sealab and others. Last seen as part of the late, great channel CNX's Comedy Hour, if you love adult animation (but juvenile humour) you owe it to yourself to check it out*. You'll thank me later.

Anime fans need not feel too left out, as the first episode of Mezzo DSA went out last night (repeated 8.30pm Sunday) on Rapture TV. And let us not forget it is just over two weeks until the much hyped Naruto hits kid's network Jetix. Good times indeed.

*check out clips on Bravo's website. More details on all these shows available by clicking the links.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Coming as a surprise to nobody, I have already been to see Pirates 2: Dead man's chest. The chances are high that if you haven't already, that you'll be going too ; everybody loved the original. In many ways, it was the spiritual successor to classic popcorn movies such as Indiana Jones and the Original Star Wars. So it makes sense to make it a trilogy surely? I won't give away any of it's secrets- the trailers and promotional material have done an unusally good job of keeping most of it under wraps. However I am sure you'll be wondering- can it live it up to the original?

In my humble opinion it doesn't quite live up to the standards set by the decade's best blockbuster, but it's still a riot. It's still better than 99% of the other event pictures out there. Don't go in expecting it to outshine the original and you won't be disappointed. That said I fully expect a critical backlash from the press. Whenever something gets popular they love to knock it down. Don't listen to them though, it's yarrtastic. Although it could do with a few more monkeys and zombies. Obviously.

Roll on next 'yarr's' Pirates 3: World's End.

I'm back! Miss me? Ok you probably hadn't noticed but I've been unable to get online for a couple of days for no decernable reason. I've been going crazy. Jonie Mittchel, Janet Jackson Counting Crows and everybody else was right when they said you don't know what you got til its gone. Then to make matters worse, they took all the trees, and put them in a tree museum. Then they charged all the people, a dollar and a half just to see 'em. Have I taken this reference too far? I have? I don't care cos I'm back baby, yeah!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Was I the only man in England who was much more excited about the penultimate episode of Doctor Who than England's all-important ill-fated world cup quarter final? (It's July now, I can mention it) . Considering the BBC's schedule changed, but Who stayed exactly in it's usual 7pm spot and everything else shifted around it, I think probably not.

And I wasn't disappointed. There's something about Who that has my inner child bouncing up and down and shouting as soon as the title music kicks in. And it doesn't stop, he keeps bouncing until long after the end credits have rolled. It's only the second series (of the new version) but already it's apparent that a Who series finale is something very special indeed. (If you haven't seen it yet, but intend to, you might want to stop reading now). Considering we've already had armies of Cybermen marching through (parallel) London's street at the series mid-point, the writer's were going to have to pull something spectacular out of their hats to one-up that. And they delivered. Millions of Cybers breaking through into our reality? That'd be enough for most. But when they turned out to be hitching a lift with the bleedin' Daleks (told you so) I practically exploded. Next week can't come soon enough!